About Plainfield Friends


Our Beginnings

Plainfield Friends Church (Meeting) has been an important part of the Plainfield community since the mid-1800’s.  Settled largely by Friends (Quakers) moving north to avoid the slave trade, nineteenth century Friends named the township “Guilford” – after their home county in North Carolina.


These early Friends first gathered for worship in a home near what is now North Mill Street in 1851.  The first meeting house was located on South Vine Street.





Our Meeting House (Church Building)


Western Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (our area denominational headquarters) built its worship enter in 1858, and once that was built, Plainfield Friends began meeting there – along U.S. 40 (the Old National Road). 


The building burned in 1913, and the pews were saved from the fire and are still in use today.  The building was rebuilt using the original framework.


In 2000, the meetinghouse was enlarged with the addition of a beautiful new Foyer – or Welcome Center, also adding an elevator, which makes the building completely accessible. 

Plainfield Friends Academy

Friends in the Plainfield area believed every child should be in school and have a good education.  There were no public schools at that time, so, in 1881, Quakers opened Central Academy a Quaker high school – open to all students in the community.  The school closed in 1918, once Plainfield had a well-established public school.  The Friends Academy was located where Central Elementary School is today.

Known for Serving Others

Plainfield Friends Meeting has always been active in the Plainfield community as well as supporting local, national and international ministries/outreach.

Locally, we are involved with and support Family Promise (working to help homeless families work toward stability), the Plainfield WRE (weekly religious education program sponsored by the schools), and a local food pantry, as well as several other charitable organizations on a regular basis.  To learn more, check out our Outreach page on this website (coming soon).