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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Friends Christian?

Yes. Our faith is rooted in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Early Friends adopted the name "Society of Friends" based on the statement of Jesus in John 15:14: "You are my friends if you do what I command." Others gave them the nickname "Quaker." The nickname stuck and "Friends" and "Quaker" are both used to describe us today.

What is your worship like?

Our main worship service on Sundays at 10:30 includes singing, prayers, music from our choir and a message from the pastor.

We have a Quiet Worship time at 8:30 on Sundays. This is traditional "Quaker worship" where we meet in quiet and individuals speak as they are led by the Spirit.

Where did Friends come from?

Friends emerged in England in the 1650s. A group of people dissatisfied with the church of their time began meeting together in a very different, very simple style of worship.

They were among the early settlers in the American colonies and had significant impact on the history of the United States. In the early 1800s many of the Quakers living in the Carolinas became concerned about depending on an economy built on the institution of slavery. Many of them moved to Indiana. They cleared land, established farms and gathered for worship in log and wood frame meetinghouses.

Our building is made out of brick now and has been standing in the middle of Plainfield since 1858.

Do you dress like the guy on the Quaker Oats box?


Are you part of a larger group of churches?

We are part of Western Yearly Meeting of Friends Church

We connect with Friends around the world through Friends United Meeting


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Quaker Day 2011
Quaker Day Celebration 2011

Office Hours:
9am - Noon

Phone: (317)839-6490

Mailing Address:
105 S. East St. Plainfield, IN 46168